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Pregunta a los especialistas fotovoltaicos si la tecnología solar blanca es posible. La mayoría dirá que no. Ellos argumentan que no se puede hacer porque la luz se reflejaría, una contradicción a su obsesión por hacer paneles solares eficientes. En ISSOL, nos preocupamos por los arquitectos y demostramos que es posible, garantizando una alta eficiencia. 

Acristalamientos fotovoltaicos de color blanco con un rendimiento de 90 vatios / m2.

The Product

Our product is a fully tempered laminated safety glass. It is equipped with photovoltaic high-efficiency mono crystalline cells (Si - PERC). It is a construction product that strictly follows photovoltaic and local construction norms

Application on Façades

Our product is applied like traditional siding. It is mounted using the traditional installation techniques specific to facades. It is manufactured in our workshop to the required dimensions according to the characteristics and geometry of the building: its shape, size and thickness are calculated depending on the building height, the wind conditions and the number of attachment points. It acts as a second skin and plays the role of a thermal insulator.

Generally used on new building or for renovations, it is suitable for facades, roofs and canopies

Albarino S – Saint-Gobain Glass

Sizes and Cuts

To respect the geometry of the building or to go around obstacles, “active” cut parts of the product are available.

The Technology

The technology is the result of collaboration between the Swiss firm SOLAXESS and ISSOL. It is based on a filtering interlayer, a printing technique and the use of photovoltaic solar cells.

Electrical Data

The product has an efficiency of 90 Watts peak per square meter (Wp/m2).

Textured Glass

The glass used in front is a textured glass for making the white matte and to avoid reflections.